My Approach and Philosophy


I love the word nourish. It communicates comfort, growth, care, and health. Nourish your spirit, your passions, your mind, your emotions, your body, your relationships, your creativity. I’ve found through my own experiences - professionally as well as personally - that nourishing these aspects of life can lead to amazing growth, opportunity, and satisfaction. Through my practice, I’d like to help you on your own journey.

What I offer in sessions is the space for clients to reconnect with themselves; to allow those creeping feelings that we continue to push away to reach the surface and become recognized and validated; to identify why we've been struggling with certain feelings, relationships, or neglecting our passions, and to give these essential aspects of self some attention and care. Maybe you've experienced some sort of trauma in your life rendering you stuck and fragmented. Or maybe your job is sucking the life out of you. Everyone has something they're struggling with, and it's important for you to realize you're not the only one and blaming yourself for your problems is like pouring salt in the wound. Especially today when our society and culture expects us to be constantly pushing ourselves to the limit, we may resort to putting our self-care last in order to fulfill all of our responsibilities. We can get so wrapped up in juggling everything at once, that we don’t take the time to appreciate the parts of ourselves that are begging for our attention, or the parts that we feel we don't have enough time or energy to nurture. This can and will eventually lead to feeling exhausted, hopeless, anxious, empty, self-critical, etc. My hope is to provide a safe and comfortable space for my clients to first heal their wounds, and eventually make steps toward nourishing their lives in every way.

Everyone is different. Each of my clients brings his or her own unique essence into the room, which is one of my favorite aspects of being a therapist. Even the same presenting problem (i.e. anxiety) will look different for different people. This makes a one-size-fits-all approach to counseling difficult, but allows for creativity and the opportunity to tailor individual sessions to your particular needs. In general, I believe the most important aspect of the therapeutic process is our relationship, and this is the foundation from which change is possible. This is why feeling like your therapist is a good fit for you is so essential - so that we can connect and collaborate on how to reach your goals. Depending on what your needs and interests are, I like to incorporate aspects of mindfulness, self-compassion, creativity, spirituality, depth, and body work into sessions.